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Beach 2 Bush Ride

In 2019, in an aim to connect Australia’s Beach and Bush communities, Rural Aid is rolling out an Australia-wide bike ride where we are encouraging You to get on your bike (or spin bike) to ride for our farmers.


At a time when we are meant to be connected as a society – isolation, loneliness, depression, suicide and mental health rates are all climbing. Rates are even higher in regional and rural areas, due to remoteness and the stresses on farmers as a result of devastating experiencesThis September we don’t only want to raise awareness for Mental Health issues amongst our farmers, but also raise $150,000 to place one new counsellor in rural Australia.


How it works? Measure out a distance between a major country town and a major beach (here are some examples, and challenge yourself to accumulate the equivalent distance over the month of September. Log your kilometres on your profile page, and raise money for every kilometre you ride. Whether you ride for recreation, or to commute, or prefer to get on an exercise bike at the gym, every kilometre counts.


Not a cyclist? Not a problem! If walking of running is your thing, that works too.


Join the Beach 2 Bush Ride as an individual, team, or corporate!


Register for the Beach 2 Bush Ride today, and ride to support our farmers this September!


*Instructions on amending your fundraising page and logging your kilometres

When you have Registered your details on the form and hit “Submit” you will be sent an email confirming your details which includes a link to your very own personalised fundraising page as well as a link to edit your page. Hit “Edit Page ”. You will now land on a page where you can edit all your details, including fundraising target, your image, and your personal message to your supporters and community in the text box called “Fundraising Description”.


We would recommend that you add your personal connection to the cause in the “Fundraising Description”, we have added some sample copy that you can work from – but ultimately this is a place for you to inform your community about why you are riding for our farmers this September.


If you scroll down in the “Fundraising Description” text box, you will see a table at the end where you can add your kilometre progress from your rides. In the “Day” column you fill in the date of your latest ride (for example 01/09/2019), in the “Time” column you fill in the time that you did the ride in (for example 01:10:14 or 1h 10 minutes) and in the Kms column you fill in how many kilometres you pedalled (for example 23). There is also an option to in the far right column add a map of where you did your ride, or an image of yourself riding, you can add this by following the following simple steps; 1. When in the appropriate field and column (“Map”), click the little image icon in the tools bar (named “Image” when hovering over), 2. A pop up window called “Image Properties” will come up, click the Browse Server button and find the saved image on your computer by clicking on the “Upload” button, 3. Double click on the image and choose how big you want it to be (width and height) and click enter. That’s it!


Everytime you do a new ride and want to log it on your page, simply place the mouse in the column furthest to the right (under “Map”) and hit the Tab button on your keyboard. This will create a new row that you can fill in with data from your second ride and so on. Alternatively you can right click in the table field and click on “Row” and then “Insert row after”.


Happy Fundraising!

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